Update CanSat Launch day

On the 31st of March, the members of DARE travelled once more to ASK ‘t Harde as part of the CanSat competition, organised by NEMO. For this launch day, a team of 5 DARE members created three CanSat rockets: Two CanSat V7’s that were used for the satellites¬†and one back up. In these CanSat rockets, the Can-Satellites that the high school students made, were placed and launched to 1 kilometer altitude. There, the CanSats where released and while going down on their parachute, they did their missions. If you are curious about the details behind the CanSat rockets, check out this article! http://dare.tudelft.nl/2017/03/cansat-launchday-preparation/

Footage of the engine before the failure

After the third (back up) CanSat rocket was recovered, DARE had planned a timeslot for a solid engine test for project Aether. The engine was prepared around 13:30, but sadly after the countdown, the engine did not fire. After this misfire, every participant of the launch day left the military base except of 20 DARE members. We got an extension on our launch window, which normally closes around 14:00. The engine was prepared once more. After the countdown, the engine was fired. Sadly, due to a yet to be determined failure, the engine propellant got in touch with the dry grass of ‘t Harde. The drought, combined with the wind, caused a fire to be spread quickly. Since the wind was away from us, the fire never got close to any members and nobody got hurt. Also, due to close collaboration with the military personel and the corresponding firemen at ASK ‘t Harde, the firemen where on site quickly since they were on stand-by. We would like to give once more a special thanks to them for their continued support! This once more showed how important it is for us to properly test our engines at ASK in a safe manner.


The result of the fire. Luckily, non of equipment was damaged and there were no casualties