Aether – Launch Campaign April 2017 Postponed

Based on the outcome of the propulsion test of Friday 31-03-2017, Aether has decided that, given the current state of the project, a successful launch within one month in Poland is infeasible. After the instant disintegration of the engine during the last test, the solid rocket propulsion team has decided to reconsider the current engine design. To give the team the time to create this new engine, the Aether project will be postponed until a later, to be determined, time.

Of course we are disappointed with this setback. However, the research does not go to waste as, for example, the knowledge gained from the Aether recovery system development is continued in the Stratos III project. The modular flight electronics that would have been flight-tested in the Aether rocket will now be tested in a next medium-scale DARE rocket.

We are still eager to continue the project. Of course, as soon as there is more information, you will be notified.

Ad Astra!