Cancelled Launch Attempt July 24

Unfortunately, we have cancelled the launch window for today. Although the weather was suitable for launch in the early afternoon, the weather balloon data obtained in the evening showed winds at lower altitudes are much stronger than predicted. This led to margins on wind becoming smaller than expected, making a launch today not possible.
As we abort the launch relatively early in the evening (T-2:50 hours), the crew still has sufficient time for a good sleep. This way we can ensure Stratos III is fully ready for the new attempt scheduled tomorrow, the 25th of July. Thanks a lot for all the enthusiastic and inspiring comments on social media. Let’s all take a good night sleep and prepare for breaking boundaries tomorrow!

Propulsion engineer working on the Stratos III rocket.

8 comments on “Cancelled Launch Attempt July 24”

    • Fabio Kerstens

      Hey Sam! Thank you so much! Let’s hope winds are more favorable today!

  1. Miranda

    Wish you lots of success with your 2nd attempt and hope that the wind ️will not throw spanner in the works again

    • Fabio Kerstens

      Hey Miranda,
      Thank you very much! We are fully ready to break boundaries today!

  2. Jaap & Claudia

    Good luck today, guys. Hopefully weather will be ok this time!

  3. Guille Flores

    Feels bad for you, and also for the personel of the INTA´s having to work until late too. Hope the next lauch is succesfull so you can celebrate it properly!

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