The launch of Stratos II+ is currently planned on the 14th of October

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DARE is organised into several smaller projects which helps to focus and deepen knowledge.

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We offer projects for you to participate whether you're a first-year bachelor student or last year master student.

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As Europe’s most successful university student rocket society, Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering preforms spaceflight research and development on all fronts- from liquids, solid and hybrid engines to electronics and actively controlled rockets.

DARE is pursuing the goal of becoming the first amateur rocketry society in space by reaching the Karman line at 100 kilometer altitude. We are already trying to reach halfway at 50 kilometers with the hybrid powered Stratos II+ rocket. We still hold the European amateur record with Stratos I that reached 12.3 kilometers in 2009. Planning on Stratos III has already begun.

We are a group run within Delft University of Technology consisting entirely of Bachelor and Master students. The majority of our members study at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, but we have representation of almost all faculties within the University.

  • Tension rising during the countdown for the first CanSat V7 launch.
  • Showing our activities at the ESTEC Open Day
  • The Stratos II propulsion test crew on site.
  • Working on the Stratos II Nosecone
  • The lower tank bulkhead for Stratos II being test including feed and flight termination system.
  • View at the Mission Control Center
  • Stratos I -Reached 12.3 km in Kiruna, Sweden in 2009.