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Are you interested in rocketry? Would you like to get more hands-on experience in engineering next to your study? Then join DARE! Members of our society hold one or more technical or organizational positions within the several projects we have, and learn new skills while contributing to some of the most advanced rockets students have ever built. Many members start in our Small Rocket Project, which we organize to give new members experience with the basics of rocketry. After this project, which includes designing, building and launching a small rocket in a team of 5-6 members, they join other projects to focus on one or more subsystems of larger rockets.

Although most long-term members join through the Small Rocket Project, for some projects we might need people with specific skills. For these positions, interest drinks will be organized throughout the year. Find out which vacancies we currently have below!


As many new members joining DARE have little to no experience with rocketry, we organize an educational first-year program called the Small Rocket Project in the third and fourth quarter of the academic year. During the project, you will build a small rocket in a team of 5-6 people, with the goal to bring an uncooked egg to an altitude of 1 km, and return it safely. Simultaneously, you will get presentations from experienced DARE members, follow machining courses, and get all the experience you need to continue in other DARE projects. Interested? More information can be found here !


While many members join through the Small Rocket Project, we regularly have several open positions, which usually require prerequisite knowledge on certain topics. For these positions, everyone with the right skills can apply, and once accepted you will be invited for an interview. Find out which positions are open below! Currently, there are no vacancies. Would you like to stay updated on new open positions? Subscribe here for a vacancy alert!

In case you have any questions about joining DARE, feel free to contact