Scientific Publications

This is a list of publications on which DARE has contributed over the years. The Engineering Challenges posed by developing rocket systems provides a good ground to contribute to -and learn form the scientific community.  Over the years we have published many papers on several different international conferences such as the International Astronautical Congress and the Joint Propulsion Conference last year in the US.

Very little of this work would have been possible without the support from the staff of the Space Systems Engineering Department at the TU Delft. We would specifically like to thank Ir. B.T.C. Zandbergen and Dr. A. Cervone.


Systematic Design of a Parachute Recovery System for the Stratos III Student Built Sounding Rocket
AIAA 2018-3626

Lars Pepermans, Mark Rozemeijer, Esmee Menting, Noah Suard and Sayyam Khurana.

2018 Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference, Atlanta, United States


Test Campaign on a 10 kN Class Sorbitol-Based Hybrid Rocket Motor for the Stratos II Sounding Rocket

Jeroen Wink, Tobias Knop, Ralph Huijsman, Stefan Powell, Kapeel Samarawickrama, Arjan Fraters, Robert Werner, Christoph Becker, Felix Lindemann, Johannes Ehlen, Angelo Cervone and Barry Zandbergen.

Space Propulsion Conference 2014, Cologne, Germany

Combustion Instabilities and Spontaneous Engine Operation Shifting in a High Mass Flux N2O-PMMA Hybrid Rocket Engine

Arjan Fraters and Angelo Cervone

Space Propulsion Conference 2014, Cologne, Germany

Experimental Investigation of the Combustion Characteristics of an Ethane-Nitrous Oxide Bi-Propellant Rocket Engine

Bart Buyens, Jules Heldens, Ewout Slachter and Angelo Cervone

Space Propulsion Conference 2014, Cologne, Germany


Sorbitol-Based Hybrid Fuel Studies with Nitrous Oxide for the Stratos II Sounding Rocket
AIAA 2013-4049

Tobias Knop, Ralph Huijsman, Stefan Powell, Robert Werner, Johannes Ehlen, Felix Lindemann, Jeroen Wink, Christoph Becker, Kapeel Samarawickrama, Barry Zandbergen and Angelo Cervone

Joint Propulsion Conference 2013, San Jose, United States of America



Development of a Hybrid Rocket Engine for the Stratos II Rocket

Arjan Fraters, Barry Zandbergen, Tean Weustink, Michael Eiche, Ingo Gerth, Rob Hermsen, Ralph Huijsman, Tobias Knop, Stefan Powell and Ragiel Wildvank.

International Astronautical Congress 2011, Cape Town, South Africa


Development of a Solid Rocket Propellant To Accomplish the Goal of Reaching Space by a Student-Built Rocket

Hein Olthof, Olga Motsyk and Edward Jansen

International Astronautical Congress 2010, Prague, Czech Republic

2009 and earlier

The Deimos III Engine Concept

Steven Engelen, Peter Batenburg and Louis Souverein

International Astronautical Congress 2008, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Evaluating the Satine-T1 Hybrid Rocket Engine

Steven Engelen, Hein Olthof and Louis Souverein

International Astronautical Congress 2008, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Preliminary Design and Development of a Moderate Thrust Liquid Oxygen/Methane Rocket Thruster

Maurits Mostert, Barry Zandbergen and Steven Engelen

5th international Spacecraft Propulsion Conference 2008, Heraklion, Greece.

Development of the Satine-T1 Hybrid Rocket Engine 

Steven Engelen, Hein Olthof, Louis Souverein and Mark Uitendaal

International Astronautical Congress 2007, Hyderabad, India

Deimos Methane/Oxygen Rocket Engine Test Results

Steven Engelen, Louis Souverein and Daniel Twigt

International Astronautical Congress 2005, Fukuoaka, Japan

Amateur Gas-Propelled Rocket Engine Development and Advanced Rocket Design

Louis Souverein, Daniel Twigt, Steven Engelen

International Astronautical Congress 2004, Vancouver, Canada