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CanSat: Launchday preparation!

Next week, on the 31st of March,¬†DARE will be organising the launch day for the Dutch CanSat competition of 2017. In this event, DARE will launch several so-called CanSats (can-sized “satellites”) built by teams of Dutch high school students to one kilometer altitude after which they will be deployed from the rocket and descend on […]

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A Weekend of Final Preparation

On the first full weekend in Spain, not everyone in our Stratos II+ crew was resting. The weather during the weekend was not exactly your ideal sunny Iberian weekend due to a summer storm passing over. The propulsion team however had a really successful weekend. They performed valve testing during which the propulsion system is […]

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Netherlands Space Office (NSO)

The Netherlands Space Office (NSO) is a Dutch agency for space affairs. It was established by the Dutch government in 2008. This organization is active nationally as well as internationally and its main aim is to develop the Netherlands space programme. The Dutch have a strong history in technology and innovation, such as when Huygens […]

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