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The fourth wind tunnel campaign

On the 18th and 19th of December, the DARE recovery team performed the fourth wind tunnel campaign. The experiments, performed in the Open Jet Facility in Delft, were done to test several new parachute designs and to validate the Stratos III recovery system. Besides our own designs we were visited by Mads Stenfatt from Copenhagen […]

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Experience in the Electronics team

Hey, My name in Daan Kolthof, I am a member of the electronics team within the dreamteam Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering (DARE). Currently, I am studying the master Computer Science at the EWI faculty at the TU Delft. The reason I am also a member of the DARE is that, by being a DARE member, […]

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Act ground software

A few weeks ago, we, three third-year computer science students (Alexander Halfweeg, Tycho van Heems  and  Jael Lopez), joined the Advanced control team in DARE. We will be working on a new version of the ground software for actively stabilised rockets. The ground software needs a GUI and it also needs to be able to […]

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