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An overview of the design of the liner.  1) Endcap, 2) Outer insert, 3) inner insert and 4) PVC tube

Stratos III: Composite Tank Prototype

One of the key technologies for the upcoming Stratos III launch in summer 2017 will be the lightweight design of the rocket. In order to do this, a composite tank needs to be developed. In cooperation with ALE Delft, Airborne, TU Delft and Nieuwstraten Metaalbewerking the first prototype is being developed.

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ACT with the V7S rocket after a successful roll-stabilized flight

ACT Launch May 2016

On Friday 20th of May 2016 DARE wrote history when the Advanced Control Team (ACT) successfully launched the first actively stabilized rocket of the society! The objective of the launch was to control the rolling motion of the rocket, and therefore performing a complete integrated flight test of the V7S rocket, which includes testing of the hardware, flight control software, […]

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The SpaceEGGs rocket

The teams of the Small Rocket Project: Two months to EGG-nition

One small step for an egg, one giant leap for Egg-kind. Every year, Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering (DARE) has the Small Rocket Project (SRP). During the SRP, aspiring DARE members have the opportunity to build their own rocket in a small team of 8 to 10 people. Under the supervision of their experienced mentor, they […]

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GoPro still showing the engine module at drogue deployment at 21 km altitude

Our record breaking rocket

Stratos II+ took off at 16:33 CEST on the 16th of October and reached 21457 meters altitude setting a new European altitude record for amateur rocketry. We had a picture perfect flight from the El Arenosillo launch site yesterday. While we didn’t make the 50 km altitude, we did break the record and so far […]

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We are go for launch!

Today is going to be the day, we are go for launch! We expect to launch some time after 11:00 CEST in the morning (09:00 GMT) assuming good weather conditions. Follow the launch live as we try to launch the Stratos II+ rocket to 50 km altitude. The launch countdown procedures take over 4 hours […]

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Launch delays happen

Tuesday evening we decided to delay the launch attempt for one day to Thursday the 15th. The team had worked non-stop from early in the morning trying to make the launch happen today. While the planned system tests for the day went fairly smooth, some unresolved issues were found while doing the final countdown rehearsal. It […]

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