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Launch Campaign Stratos II Day 7

Last night has been a very stressful night for the engineers of Stratos II. The capsule team stayed up until 4:00 in the morning to perform final integration of the electronics inside the capsule section. Luckily the other engineers who did have a good night sleep made a delicious breakfast to start the day well. […]

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Technical Blog: Launch Safety (part two)

A rocket, more so than other vehicles, is subject to extensive safety requirements and procedures. In part two of this technical blogpost we will discuss how safety considerations determine the countdown and flight of Stratos II. A certain trajectory Stratos II is an unmanned vehicle, as such it could just deploy its parachute on a […]

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Launch Campaign Stratos II Day 6

With only one day left until the launch, today was supposed to be a very stressful day. After a tasty breakfast with bacon and eggs, the team started very early this morning to get all the subsystems ready for integration into the rocket. However, at about 10:00 (CEST) the management of the Stratos II project decided to have […]

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