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CanSat: Launchday preparation!

Next week, on the 31st of March,¬†DARE will be organising the launch day for the Dutch CanSat competition of 2017. In this event, DARE will launch several so-called CanSats (can-sized “satellites”) built by teams of Dutch high school students to one kilometer altitude after which they will be deployed from the rocket and descend on […]

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Launch Day (beta)

Welcome to the DARE Launch Days information page. You will find all the necessary information about DARE’s launch days at ASK ‘t Harde on this page. (Artillerie Schietkamp)ASK ‘t Harde is a artillery center built in the 19th century. It is a training ground for artillery guns and mortars of the Dutch armed forces and […]

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Launch day registration

Welcome to the DARE launch day registration page. This page is made to make it easier for people to register to the DARE launch day. (And also to make things easier for the organisation.) The registrations submitted through this system will be used by DARE to arrange for transport, food and accommodation on the launch […]

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