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Launch day NLD38 summary

Friday the 7th of June, the NLD38 launch day organized by DARE and the NAVRO at ASK ‘t Harde at the Veluwe. Contrary to the previous launch day, the weather this time was beautiful: sunshine on both the Thursday and the Friday, nice and warm, with winds blowing from the North / North-East (i.e. favorable […]

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DAWN team wins UfD teamwork prize

With great proud we announce that our subteam DAWN won the main UniversiteitsFonds teamwork prize! DAWN was awarded the prize for their efforts in designing the hybrid engine which is to power the Stratos II rocket. The team spent the last three years designing, building and validating various hybrid test engines. Virtually all work was […]

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Aurora ingitor test

Last Saturday the propulsion team performed a successful ignition test. During a rainy test day on the architecture field the full scale motor ignited on the first try. This is the build up for the full scale tests that the team will start with this week. The ignition makes use of a bypass valve supplying […]

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