Lens R&D

Sponsoring Lens R&D

On Tuesday 12-07-2016 DARE and Lens R&D signed a sponsoring contract, about the usage of a sun sensor for the DARE Advanced Control Team. Lens R&D, located at the ESA Business Incubation Center (BIC) in Noordwijk, focuses on the development of highly reliable sensors and systems that can be produced cost-effectively in larger quantities. Their […]

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An overview of the design of the liner.  1) Endcap, 2) Outer insert, 3) inner insert and 4) PVC tube

Stratos III: Composite Tank Prototype

One of the key technologies for the upcoming Stratos III launch in summer 2017 will be the lightweight design of the rocket. In order to do this, a composite tank needs to be developed. In cooperation with ALE Delft, Airborne, TU Delft and Nieuwstraten Metaalbewerking the first prototype is being developed.

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Render of modular flight electronics

A modular set of rocket electronics

To provide DARE with a generic set of flight electronics, the electronics team is working on a new set of boards and accompanying software. The new design originates from the growing amount of different rockets within DARE, that all need electronics to operate. Until recently, the electronics were designed with rocket specific software. The downside is that […]

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ACT with the V7S rocket after a successful roll-stabilized flight

ACT Launch May 2016

On Friday 20th of May 2016 DARE wrote history when the Advanced Control Team (ACT) successfully launched the first actively stabilized rocket of the society! The objective of the launch was to control the rolling motion of the rocket, and therefore performing a complete integrated flight test of the V7S rocket, which includes testing of the hardware, flight control software, […]

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