Arrival at Kiruna

After a two day journey the Stratos crew arrived at Esrange. The journey was almost entirely by train and led via Copenhagen, Stockholm and Boden to Kiruna. The part from Kiruna to Esrange was an hour trip by van over snowy roads. After arrival by CityNightLine early in Copenhagen in the morning, here was time […]

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DARE unveils Stratos rocket

On February the 18th Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering presented the Stratos rocket which is going to break the European altitude record for amateur rockets when it is launched at Esrange Spaceport in North-Sweden coming March. The rocket was unveiled by the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Delft University of Technology after the […]

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Sponsor contract Dutch Space

Today Dutch Space signed the presenting sponsor contract for Stratos, making Dutch Space the main sponsor of project Stratos. Thanks to the commitment of Dutch Space to support innovation the Stratos team will be able to launch at Esrange coming March. With this sponsorship we hope to interest youth and students in the field of […]

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