Update CanSat Launch day

On the 31st of March, the members of DARE travelled once more to ASK ‘t Harde as part of the CanSat competition, organised by NEMO. For this launch day, a team of 5 DARE members created three CanSat rockets: Two CanSat V7’s that were used for the satellites and one back up. In these CanSat rockets, […]

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CanSat: Launchday preparation!

Next week, on the 31st of March, DARE will be organising the launch day for the Dutch CanSat competition of 2017. In this event, DARE will launch several so-called CanSats (can-sized “satellites”) built by teams of Dutch high school students to one kilometer altitude after which they will be deployed from the rocket and descend on […]

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Aether: Roll-out of our First Actively-Stabilised Supersonic Rocket!

On the 6th of March 2017, the Aether team met the public eye as their blood, sweat and tears invested in their actively stabilised supersonic rocket is presented by Nick van den Dungen. The event itself took place at the Aula on TU Delft campus grounds. The attendees ranged from investors, to interested members within […]

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