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DARE is Europe’s leading student rocketry organization, with more than 100 members and over 15 years’ worth of experience designing and launching rockets. With teams working on solid, liquid and hybrid propulsion, active control, in-flight electronics and structural design, we have most of the knowledge needed to build record-breaking rockets present in-house. This expertise shows from the successful launch of the Stratos I rocket, with which we set the European altitude record in student rocketry at 12.3 km. But also with our Stratos II+ rocket, with which we broke our own record with 21.5 km altitude. Our goal is to reach 100 km and be the first student rocketry team to reach space.

Next to these large and ground-breaking rockets, we also perform numerous launches at The Dutch military’s ASK ‘t Harde each year.

To achieve these successes, we work together with our industrial and academic partners. If your company is interested in cooperating with our unique organisation, we welcome you to contact us.