Stratos III – The team 2016/2017

The Stratos III team consists of a core team of 12 students who work full time on the project and a larger group of students who work on the project part time next to their studies. The students come from nearly all faculties at TU Delft: Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering, but mostly still Aerospace Engineering. Together they work in different sub-teams on all the aspects of the project. The following sub-teams are active within the Stratos III project: Propulsion, Structures, Recovery, Electronics, Ground Systems, Simulations, Public Relations and Operations. Furthermore an advisory committee consisting of experienced members from the previous Stratos projects was established to provide valuable feedback to the Stratos III team.

Stratos III Management:

General Management

Team Manager: Felix Lindemann
Technical Manager: Peter van den Berg
Treasurer: Angelos Karagiannis
Chief Engineer: Stijn Koehler

Non-technical management

Public Relations Manager: Kevin Eppenga
Operations Manager: Bas Krijnen
Operations Manager: Duane Arnell

Technical Chiefs

Chief Propulsion: Filipe Barreiro
Chief Structures: Bastiaan Bom
Chief Recovery: Lars Pepermans
Chief Electronics: Jos van ‘t Hof
Chief Ground Systems: Julian von der Goltz
Chief Simulations: Aaron de Windt







Stratos III General Team:


Filipe Barreiro (Team Leader)
Peter van den Berg
Felix Lindemann
Dion van Strydonck
Krijn de Kievit
Angelos Karagiannis
Nick Wildemans
Casper Klop
Kasper De Smaele
Jesse Hummel
Marek Lubieniecki
Bas Krijnen


Aaron de Windt (Team leader)
Nicolai Verhaegen
Jose Gutierrez
Siddarth Tegginamani
Nikita Sirons
Marco Geurtsen

Stratos Advisory Committee:

Stefan Powell
Ralph Huijsman
Tobias Knop
Robert Werner
Arjen Fraters
Radu Florea
Johannes Ehlen
Jeroen Wink
Olga Motsyk
Martin Olde
Luka Denies
William Mulkens
Maneesh Verma
Jork Stapel
Nils von Storch
Jeroen van Straten
Douwe van Willigen
Maurits Van Heijningen
Christ Akkermans



Bastiaan Bom (Team leader)
Max Henger
Sean Pepper
Nelson Johnson
Michaela Brchnelova
Sam Lonis
Lenka Husarova
Deacon Foulds
Andreas Fischer


Kapeel Samarawickrama


Lars Pepermans (Team leader)
Sayyam Kurana
Noah Suard
Esmée Menting
Felix Kuhnert
Ramanathan Gurumoorhy
Mark Rozemeijer

Ground Systems

Julian von der Goltz (Team leader)
Nivas Kumar
Martijn Stalknecht
Naveen Raja
Christian Bijvoets