Day 9, Squibs and tie wraps

This morning the last connectors were soldered to the Annabel capsule. The wireharness of the Annabel capsule has also been trimmed today. The hardware of the Annabel capsule is now ready to fly. There are two capsules for the Stratos rocket, Annabel en Betty. If the first capsule malfunctions then the whole capsule can be replaced by the backup. The capsule is the part which is recovered and consists of the ETAG, payload, flightcomputer and recovery system.

This afternoon a very important test took place. Six igniters were connected to the flight computer. These igniters, also called squibs, activate the systems which separate the booster section from the sustainer section, light the sustainer motor and deploy the drogue parachute. The flight computer was fed with fake date to simulate the flight. The flight computer ignited the squibs exactly at the right moment.

The daily Esrange briefing this morning was very interesting. They will launch REXUS 6 tomorrow morning and will try to bring REXUS 5 to the tower directly after the launch. This will mean that we probably can start preparing the Stratos rocket tomorrow after the lunch. If everything goes well the REXUS 5 will be launched Friday morning. This leaves the Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday for us to launch the Stratos. If we can assemble the Stratos faster then expected we can launch Friday afternoon.

The Ballon for the Mipas-B/Telis payload. It flow around 12 hours in total

The balloon for the Mipas-B/Telis payload. It flew around 12 hours in total.

The flightcomputer of the stratos rocket

The flightcomputer of the Stratos rocket

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  1. Christina Aas says:

    Hey guys!
    I miss you and Kiruna already:( 🙁 I just got home myself after the long journey, but i just wanted to say that you are obviously doing a great job up there reading from the news on this website:) Keep up the good work guys!! Full squib-test and launch on either Friday or Saturday – sounds great 😀
    I wish you all the best of luck in preparing for the launch!
    Hugs, Christina
    PS: I guess the balloon picture today means that finally all balloons have left the launch base? 😉

  2. Bryan says:

    Yes the balloon people are finally gone and we hope to see the REXUS 6 tomorrow. We also miss you here. Good luck at ESA!

  3. Bart says:

    Looking forward to the launch! Any idea if live coverage could be available to those left behind in Delft?

  4. Bryan says:

    We are investigating the possibilities of a live stream. If there are any updates they will be found on this blog.

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