Packaging of Stratos II by Holland Packing

Last Friday we received our custom-made transport boxes for the Stratos II rocket and all of the tools and equipment that will be needed during the launch campaign in Huelva (Spain). We would like to thank Holland Packing for making these custom-made crates for us, to ensure that the rocket and all of the components are securely fitted during the transport on the ship, to avoid damage to the structure of the rocket or other subsystems such as the sensitive electronics and the payloads.




Holland Packing

Holland Packing is a company based in Breda (The Netherlands) that specializes in the packaging of industrial products and capital goods. The packaging can be meant for export on ships, but also specialized packaging for resistance against corrosion is possible at Holland Packing.

The wood that has been used as the packing material is made of wood with the PEFC label which ensures that the wood does not originate from tropical rainforests. Sustainability is something we greatly try to pursue at DARE and within the Stratos II Project.