Launch Campaign Stratos II Day 1

Thursday 25th of September, after the arrival of the second group at the launch site INTA, the first day of the launch campaign activities started!

photo 2 (1)

The day was started of with inspecting the rocket and the components that were shipped to the launch site. The crates provided by Holland Packing have been emptied and the workshop is ready to be used during the coming days for the assembly of the rocket and its subsystems. During the coming days the rocket will be assembled. Also the launch tower will be set up. All the work on the integration and assembly will be done in our temporary workshop (picture below) provided to us by the launch site.

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The electronics team has started continuing writing the code and integrating the electronics hardware. Work on the electronics main stack is continued.



The stickers with all of our sponsors have been attached to the rocket. The stickers have been glued in a way that they will safely detach from the rocket during the flight phase in case the temperature on the outer skin becomes too high. This will prevent the stickers from burning while still sticking to the rocket.


photo 4

Radar System

The radar system of the launch site INTA can be seen below. It will track the location of the rocket in real-time during its flight phase. In addition to using this radar tracking system, the rocket itself will release a biodegradable fluorescent liquid which will make sure that the location of the rocket is visible from the helicopter. The rocket will be searched by a helicopter. The helicopter will tag the exact location. After the exact location is determined, the rocket will be recovered by boat.




779 inside

Control Center of the Tracking System

Flight Animation

We have also prepared a nice flight animation video of the launch, flight phase, descend and landing of the rocket. Check out it below!