Looking Back at the Stratos IV Kick-Off Weekend

My name is Mohammad Fazaeli and I am part of the Stratos IV non-tech team. I am currently studying Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft and am in the 2nd year of my Bachelors. I joined this project because I wanted the experience of working in this exciting field. In this blog, I will take a short look back at the kick-off weekend of Stratos IV!

 The highlight was undoubtedly getting to meet the team, know the people, and having a feel for the atmosphere: one of professionalism, intelligence, comradery, and balance. See, the weekend was less of an introduction than it was an initiation; it was about becoming a part of the DARE family, a family with its roots in respect, cooperation, and ambition.

Stratos IV team members during the kick-off weekend.

 It felt thrilling to be amongst a group of individuals who are diligent, committed workers, but who can also, at the day’s end, relax a little. In the evening on Saturday after many hours, talk of rocket science fell to the side and gave way to conversations of space race cartoons while Toto’s “Africa” played in the background. Talk of team goals and strategies manifested themselves into a football match that was equally as intense as it was light-hearted.

 More important than the social atmosphere, the professionalism on display made me feel proud to be a Stratos IV member. The way that the team leaders explained the roadmap for the coming year, divulged the aspects of their previous rockets and tests, and clearly explained their expectations of us, all showed how much trust and respect they held for us new recruits to carry on the responsibilities of a Stratos IV member.

 This weekend cemented in the team a common vision and drive to achieve our ambitious goal of reaching space in 2019. I have only the highest optimism and confidence that we all shall succeed, and I am hyped for this coming year!

by Mohammad Fazaeli




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