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The heart of all tests – our cRIO

It is the heart of every single test, actuation or launch within DARE. Our compact RIO. This device, which was sponsored to us by National Instruments, helps us to control, check and measure everything that we need to know from the system at hand; And it is in need of an upgrade. The minor of […]

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Small Rocket Project – the conclusion

It’s been a few months since I did my last post, and a lot has happened since then regarding the Small Rocket Project (SRP). Most importantly: We launched our rocket! Last week we worked through a few nights to get the rocket finished just in time. We travelled together to ASK ‘t Harde where we […]

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Update CanSat Launch day

On the 31st of March, the members of DARE travelled once more to ASK ‘t Harde as part of the CanSat competition, organised by NEMO. For this launch day, a team of 5 DARE members created three CanSat rockets: Two CanSat V7’s that were used for the satellites and one back up. In these CanSat rockets, […]

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