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CanSat launch day 2018

The first launch day of the year was reserved for the CanSat competition which was held on March 28th 2018. This was done in collaboration with NEMO, just like last year. During this day, a total of 10 high school teams launched their small satellites. The high school students had been working very hard on…
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Hybrid Propulsion Team – Test overview

On the road to Thrust Vectoring On June 2, the hybrid propulsion team performed three tests with an updated design of the DHX-4 `Phoenix’. Two designs aimed at a longer burn time, so that the engine could be considered for the Thrust Vectoring Minor 2017.  A third concept continued on the old design philosophy with…
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Presenting: The Stratos III design

Our biggest yet. On the fortunately warm summer day of Wednesday the 24th of May at 16:00, Project Stratos unveiled their new design for DARE’s next successor to their previous record-breaking rocket, StratosII+. To start off the event, the after-movie of the StratosII+ launch campaign depicted the pure excitement and childlike curiosity in the members…
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Producing the Modular Electronics

Electronics design within DARE used to be done by designing and implementing electronics focused on the specific hardware needs for each of our projects. We found this to be an inefficient and error-prone way of providing the necessary electronics for each of DARE’s projects. An alternative to this project-specific way of working was presented last…
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Aether: Roll-out of our First Actively-Stabilised Supersonic Rocket!

On the 6th of March 2017, the Aether team met the public eye as their blood, sweat and tears invested in their actively stabilised supersonic rocket is presented by Nick van den Dungen. The event itself took place at the Aula on TU Delft campus grounds. The attendees ranged from investors, to interested members within…
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Not just another (preliminary) design review

My name is Douwe van Willigen and I am an electrical engineer in the electronics team of DARE. By now it is more than four years ago that I joined the team and I’ve gained a lot of experience in designing electronics for rockets over that time. Being part of DARE was a valuable addition…
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New recovery systems tested by Capsule and Recovery

On the 23th of September, the Capsule and Recovery team launched a modified CanSat rocket, called the V7M, to test multiple new systems for Aether. During this launch day, almost every aspect of project Aether was tested, including the engine, active stabilisation system and the recovery system. The Capsule and Recovery team handled one of…
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Successful Flight Test for Infinity and Beyond

Friday the 20th of May 2016, Infinity & Beyond (I&B) succeeded in recovering a rocket with autorotation.  After three years of hard work, their rocket called “3rd time’s the charm” had indeed the charm as it ascended straight to the sky and reached the apogee. Everyone on the ground could enjoy the electronics do their work and see…
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Stratos III: Composite Tank Prototype

One of the key technologies for the upcoming Stratos III launch in summer 2017 will be the lightweight design of the rocket. In order to do this, a composite tank needs to be developed. In cooperation with ALE Delft, Airborne, TU Delft and Nieuwstraten Metaalbewerking the first prototype is being developed.

ACT Launch May 2016

On Friday 20th of May 2016 DARE wrote history when the Advanced Control Team (ACT) successfully launched the first actively stabilized rocket of the society! The objective of the launch was to control the rolling motion of the rocket, and therefore performing a complete integrated flight test of the V7S rocket, which includes testing of the hardware, flight control software,…
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