The Rocket


Our rocket is a 2.4m x ø150mm pressure-fed liquid bi-propellant rocket that uses ethanol as  its fuel and hydrogen peroxide as the oxidizer. With a 1.2kN engine and 20s of burn time the rocket will reach a target apogee of 9km.

Implementing the use of 3D printed parts the rocket  eliminates entire sub-assemblies and allows for a level of system integration and mass reduction that would otherwise not be possible.

Aside from the stainless steel fuel tanks, the structure of the the rocket is composed primarily of carbon fibre.

EUROC 2023

EUROC presents an opportunity for university students from across Europe to compete and launch the rockets that they have developed. Each team is evaluated on the design, performance and technical merits of their rockets as well as the overall conduct of the team.

Project Dodo will be the 3rd team from DARE to participate in EUROC, continuing on the tradition set by the 2021 and 2022 teams.



Our team consists of 6 members from the founding year of Project Sparrow. During which Project Sparrow successfully performed the first test fire of a cryogenic LOX/ethanol engine in the Netherlands. With a combined total of 20 years of rocketry experience through past work on other DARE projects (Sparrow, Cryo, Solids, Stratos IV, Structures) we have now set our sights to apply our knowledge to create a liquid-fuelled rocket to compete in EUROC 2023.

We are recruiting

We are recruiting

Join us in shaping the future of European reusable launch vehicles.