Aerothermal / Aerodynamics Engineer

Aerothermal / Aerodynamics Engineer

  • Part Time: 5-10 hours
  • Delft

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About the Parachute Research Group

The parachute research group was founded little over a year ago when the DARE and Stratos recovery teams merged into one team. This team does not just assist the DARE flagship missions, but also performs their own tests. These tests include flight testing and wind tunnel testing.

Parachute Research Group does more than design, create and test parachutes. The team also develops the test vehicles that are used to test the parachutes. These vehicles include the new PIP launcher. PIP is a launcher that is designed to follow a ballistic trajectory and deploy the parachute late allowing for tests at high dynamic pressures. For these launchers, the team is looking for more people the help in the development, production and flying of the missions.

A second mission that aims to test the drogue parachute is part of the REXUS/BEXUS student program. In March 2020 the SPEAR mission (Supersonic Parachute Experiment Aboard REXUS) will fly.

Function Description

Time effort: 4-10 hrs per week

As the DARE rockets are going higher and faster the aerodynamics becomes more and more important for PRG. At the moment the aerodynamic and aerothermodynamic assumptions made in the ParSim tool are fairly basic. PRG is looking for expanding these assumptions to better be able to make the required estimations for current and future missions.

Tasks would include amongst others: airflow around parachutes, body and parachute interactions, CFD modelling of parachutes, re-entry behaviour and aero heating of sounding rockets. As most of the work is improving the current knowledge and assumptions of the DARE simulation tools the candidate can be very free in choosing which tasks to tackle.

Application Procedure

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