Launch scheduled for today at 11:28

After some delays the countdown has finally started at 10:28 at T-1h. With no holds or jumps the launch is expected at 11:28. The winds look much more promising: up to 2.5 m/s at ground level, which is well below the limits. Any further updates will be posted soon.

Day 14, Southern winds.

Today an occlusion front passed Kiruna. Why is this interesting? Because today the launch was cancelled because of the weather. Not because it was snowing this morning, but because the sun drove away all the clouds. The weather changed very rapidly and just when we were driving the rocket to the launch tower the winds…
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Launch delayed to tomorrow

Due to unfortunate weather conditions (wind) we will not launch today. Luckily the weather is expected to improve much tomorrow and we are quite certain that we can launch during the morning. Further updates will follow.

Day 13, We are ready for the launch.

Today we spent on all those little things which you want to do before a launch but you never have the time for. Today we spent most of the time testing and practicing with the telemetry. Although earlier in the blog we mentioned that our transmitter could send data we still had problems receiving it.…
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Day 12, Recapitulations and regrouping

The last few days went by very fast, with two balloon launches, two rocket launches and the delay of the Stratos launch. Today was a day of rest and processing the previous 72 hours. Most people spent the day alone or just with two people enjoying the quietness of the almost deserted base. Auke left…
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Day 11, The first launch opportunity and miscommunication

Today we had the first opportunity to launch the stratos. At 4:00 this morning we started with the preparations. Trying to beat the clock and finish faster then we first estimated. At 12:00 we had the second flight readiness meeting with Esrange. The conclusion of this meeting was that it was not wise to launch.…
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Stratos launch delayed to Saturday

The Stratos launch has been rescheduled to Saturday, somewhere late in the morning or early afternoon, due to the fact that there are better conditions tomorrow for the launch. The exact launch time will be decided at 9:00. The ignition system test that was done this morning was succesfull. The final preparations of the rocket…
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Stratos set to launch today at 14:00

The Stratos rocket is now set to launch today at 14:00. A decision to start launch procedures will be made at 12:00, the countdown will then start at 13:00. At this moment some final tests of the launch system are being performed and the electronics are being prepared for launch. When this is completed the…
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Day 10, A rocket launch at last and start of motor preparations

The morning started with a surprise for Mark and Martijn. Esrange needed some extra eyes for the helicopter reconnaissance flight over the impact area before the REXUS 6 launch. Mark and Martijn gladly left their breakfast behind to make use of this kind offer. Two hours after the flight Esrange finally launched the REXUS 6.…
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Launch 1, REXUS 6

Late this morning Esrange finally saw the first rocket launch of the campaign: at 11:08 the REXUS 6 left its tower with a set of student experiments onboard. The closest place where the public could see the launch was on Radar Hill, a nearby hill named for the radar equipment present there. Standing there on same…
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