Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering

Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering is one of the largest and most advanced student rocketry teams of the world. With over 18 years of experience in high-power rocketry, our goal is to reach space with a fully student-built rocket. As a Dreamteam of Delft University of Technology, we aim at providing students with a hands-on experience that is unique in this world. Next to our Stratos and Aether flagship projects, the society also conducts fundamental research in all fields of sounding rocketry, such as propulsion, control, structural design and recovery.




Aiming for Space 

Above the Kármán line, above 100 kilometers altitude, where no student team has gone before! Designed, built, and tested by students, Stratos IV will democratize space, launching scientific payloads to over 100 km in 2020.


Join us!

Within DARE we are always looking for new, enthusiastic students with a passion for rocketry and spaceflight. To become a member of the society, one can either apply to join a project directly, or via our apply for our small rocket project. The small rocket project is an introductory project, designed for freshman students, in which we teach you all the basics of rocketry. Outside the theory, you will also build your own small rocket in groups, and launch it to an altitude of rougly one kilometer. 


Supersonic Research

Aether, our medium-class launcher, reaches supersonic speeds at low altitudes. It features the largest solid motor ever developed by DARE, as well as an active stabilization mechanism to follow the optimal trajectory to succes!


Research Areas

From deeply frozen liquid oxygen, to multistage launcher design, to advanced stabilization of rockets. Our research and development projects forcus on the developments of new technologies for usage in the rockets of tomorrow!


The CanSat Launcher V7 is our the smallest vehicle in our fleet. Powered by the reliable DX-1EE solid rocket motor, the rocket can reach an altitude of roughly one kilometer, carrying several CanSat payloads on board. 



Installation Members of Merit

The society Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering could not exist without her active members. Yesterday, on the General Members Assembly, we officially recognized Maneesh Kumar Verma and Tobias Knop as our[…]

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Update on the Small Rocket Project

Every year Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering organizes the Small Rocket Project (SRP). This program is tailored around first year students, and teaches them the basics of rocketry. Within the four[…]

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CanSat Launchday 2019

The 29th of March marked the first DARE launch day of the calendar year in the Netherlands. At the sunny heather of ASK ‘t Harde in Gelderland, six rockets were[…]

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