Become a Partner

Partnering with Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering (DARE) is an excellent opportunity to display your passion for engineering and rocket science, to show your commitment and dedication to research and development, and to practice your corporate social responsibility by supporting educational projects. But also, and not at least, to test and improve your innovations!


DARE has an extensive and active presence on social media, including Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, with followers who represent your relevant client segments. Due to the high profile nature of our projects, it has been and will be featured in the media, such as newspapers, (e.g. De VolkskrantDer SpiegelNRC Handelsblad), news items on radio and television (e.g. NOS, BNR), documentaries in journals like Wired and on the internet.

In addition, live streams of our Stratos flagship launch campaign in the past have been viewed more than 500000 times by 155000 unique viewers.

We happily present the exciting aspects and progress of our projects at your company and client meetings. As a partner, you are welcome to visit our workshops and design laboratory with your customers and industry professionals.


As a Dreamteam of the Delft University of Technology and consisting of over 170 technical students, DARE has a significant presence amongst future engineers and industry experts. With members ranging from aerospace engineering, to civil and electrical engineering, DARE is a diverse society. Besides their degrees, DARE’s members spend their free times working on complex research and development project in multidisciplinary teams, which trains well rounded engineers. DARE’s connection to these students can be effectively used for the recruitment of future talent.