The Project

Worldwide, natural disasters like floods and storms claim a huge number of lives and are responsible for large economic losses, especially in the global south. The severity of subsequent disasters can be decreased by introducing soil-fixing plants into areas at-risk for soil erosion and future disasters. In order to achieve that, the plant seeds need to be deposited as soon as possible after a disaster. A cheap, simple and biodegradable rocket dispersing seeds at high altitude might offer a solution where “conventional” methods fall short.

In the first stage we aim to develop a bio-degradable or -inert rocket motor based on the reliable motors DARE has developed in the past. We view this as the most challenging technical aspect of the project, as it will determine the feasibility of the project.

In the long term, we think of Bloom as an approach to directly help at-risk communities to combat future disasters using our passion; rocketry.

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Nick Eichman

Lukas Welzel

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