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On July 26th at 3:30 am, students from the Delft University of Technology, using a self-built rocket – the Stratos III – attempted to beat the European student altitude record and reach the threshold of space. 20 seconds into the flight the rocket disintegrated above the ocean. The team, together with INTA (Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial), the launch range provider, is currently investigating the anomaly and the cause of the failed attempt.

Rockets are inherently dangerous vehicles. This is the reason why project Stratos collaborated with a commercial launch site with more than 60 years of experience with experimental aerospace research. Together DARE and INTA are investigating the anomaly that occurred during flight. Once more information is available, this will be communicated via our website and social media. In addition, a review is made of the safety precautions that were taken. Safety is the single most important constraint and, even though the safety zone is very large, it remains very difficult to predict the spread of debris. Directly after the attempt the team, together with INTA has made sure that the launch was conducted with a safe outcome.

Video footage from the launch can be seen in the video below:


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