Stichting Students to Space

Stichting Students to Space

Project Stratos is carried out under the flag of Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering, however, it falls under the legal responsibility of Stichting Students to Space.

The purpose of Stichting Students to Space is to further knowledge and interest for Space through research, design, fabricate, test and launch advanced and innovative rockets by students of tertiary education level.

You can find details of Stichting Students to Space below:


Board of directors:

Yorucu, Stefaan – Chairman

Peeters, Tijs JHG – Secretary

Alonso Antona, Luca – Treasurer

Van Parys, Andreas

Tabaksblat, Laura MN

Payment policy

Costs incurred by directors in the performance of their duties are reimbursed by the stichting. The board cannot grant any remuneration to directors.


Last Updated: 03/05/2023

Contact information:

Mekelweg 4, TU Delft Faculteit EWI

KVK: 53164008

VAT: NL850775218B01.

We are recruiting

We are recruiting

Join us in shaping the future of European reusable launch vehicles.