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Join Us!

If you are looking to gain hands-on experience in rocketry, look no further than TU Delft’s student rocketry society, DARE. Our society comprises of over 200 students who work towards ambitious goals through various small and large-scale projects. Members of our society hold organizational, technical or creative positions within our projects and gain new skills while contributing to some of the most advanced rockets students have ever built.

There are several ways you can get involved in our society, the most advanced rocket society in the Netherlands. Below you will see current vacancies in our project, typical recruitment periods as well as information on our introduction to rocketry program: SRP. Below you can read about the current open positions, the yearly recruitment options and all positions in our flagship project, Stratos V.

Please note that in order to be part of DARE, you must receive an exemption from the 2017 North Korea Sanctions Agreement. We will assist you in obtaining the necessary documents after your admission into the society.

Current Open Positions

DARE currently does not have any open positions. We hold multiple recruitment rounds a year so keep checking our website for the chance to join us in pushing the boundaries of student rocketry!
If you have any questions regarding recruitment, do not hesitate to contact us at
If you are interested in full-time positions, do not hesitate to contact us about the possibilities.

Current Open Positions

DARE is currently recruiting. Read about all teams you can join below.  Apply before the deadline at 23:59 on the 12th of May 2024 for the chance to join us in pushing the boundaries of student rocketry!
If you have any questions regarding recruitment, do not hesitate to contact us at
If you are interested in full-time positions, do not hesitate to contact us about the possibilities.


DARE has a variety of teams where you can explore different aspects of rocketry through hands on experience in a team of ambitious and enthusiastic students. There are currently four teams recruiting externally excluding Stratos V, which can be found below with an explanation of what the team does and what you will be working on. The time commitment required for all teams is flexible between 4 and 10 hours per week. If you want to know more about a specific team, do not hesitate to contact us at

Solid Six: Solid Propulsion

Solid Six is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge advancements in solid propellant combustion. We are looking for chemists, people who have knowledge of chemical reactions and preferably experience with handling reactive substances who are interested to apply these skills to solid propellant combustion.

Haystack: Rocket Retrieval

Haystack focuses on experimental retrieval methods: tracking and locating rockets so that they can be found again after a successful (or unsuccessful!) recovery. As a member of Haystack, you will get to conduct exciting experiments, write academic papers and, of course, fly rockets. This unique team combines consideration of human factors with the strict constraints of rocket engineering, helping improve rocket retrieval across DARE.

Monolith: Green propulsion

Monolith is a team that aims to create clean, green rocket engines, promoting sustainable rocketry. We are looking for people who want hands-on experience with propulsion, feed system operations and testing. Aside from that we are also looking for a test engineer, with a focus on chemical lab tests. Experience with chemistry is preferred.

Arc: Electric Propulsion

Arc is a multidisciplinary electric propulsion team that is aiming to design and manufacture a pulsed plasma thruster and have an atmospheric hot fire test campaign before the end of this academic year. We are currently finalizing the design and looking to test some high voltage electronic components in the near future. Your role will be to work on the power/power delivery subsystem of the thruster, this includes working on parts of the circuit as well as the individual components to make sure that tests at high voltage can be conducted effectively and safely, we are therefore expecting you to have some knowledge in this area.

Yearly Recruitment Options

Project Recruitment

Vulture Mission Patch
CanSat Committee Patch

DARE is a diverse society of students looking to educate and innovate in all areas of rocket technology. There are multiple projects within the society investigating the application of unique and novel technologies.

The flagship project, Stratos V, is the largest team of DARE. To achieve its goals, it has fulltime team. Every year Stratos V recruits a new full-time team every year in February.

Besides this, we also host recruitment and interest events at the end of the academic year, around May for all teams to recruit parttime members, including Stratos V. Lastly, when specific positions in these projects become available, a vacancy post will be published above.

Stay informed about recruitment opportunities by following our social media accounts and visiting the website regularly.

Small Rocket Project

If you are a first-year bachelor’s student at TU Delft, you can join our yearly Small Rocket Project (SRP). This introductory program allows students to experience first-hand the excitement of rockets and space technologies.

You will design and build your own rocket in a competition against other students to send an egg to 1km and safely retrieve it without damage!

Recruitment for this project begins in Q2 of each TU Delft academic year. Prior experience is optional for this project, and we encourage students of every faculty to apply.

Stratos Team

The flagship project, Stratos V, is the largest team of DARE. To achieve its goals, it has fulltime team. Every year Stratos V recruits a new full-time team every year in February. We are however always looking for more full-time members.

If you are interested in full-time positions, do not hesitate to contact for any further inquiries.

Read more below about all possible roles available in Stratos V


Stratos V Team Manager

As Team Manager of Project Stratos, you are the face of the team and your primary task is to guide the team to reach their fullest potential. You'll address personal and team issues, oversee performance, and create a positive work environment. You'll also communicate progress, handle human resources tasks like recruitment and team bonding, and act as an intermediary in resolving challenges.

Stratos V Chief Engineer

As Chief Engineer of Project Stratos, your role is crucial in ensuring project success through guiding engineering efforts. You'll ensure quality and safety standards are maintained, and oversee the design process. Lastly, you will facilitate technical discussions and collaborate with Department Chiefs to resolve technical issues.

Stratos V External Relations Manager

As External Relations Manager of Project Stratos, your focus is on managing relationships with partners, stakeholders, and the public to ensure project success. You'll lead the External Relations department, overseeing efforts to represent the project effectively. This includes managing social media platforms, creating engaging content, and organizing impactful events. You'll also collaborate with the team to secure resources, fulfill agreements, and maintain quality control over external communications.

Stratos V Systems Engineer

As Systems Engineer of Project Stratos, your role is pivotal in achieving project goals. You'll oversee development phases, manage system requirements, and ensure subsystem integration for mission success. Additionally, you'll collaborate closely with the Chief Engineer and Operations Manager to integrate subsystems systematically for functional reliability.

Stratos V Operations Manager

As Operations & Financial Manager of Project Stratos, your role is essential for project success. You'll oversee workspace maintenance, testing campaigns, and financial management. Responsibilities include maintaining relations with test and launch sites, organizing test campaigns. Additionally, you'll coordinate with the External Relations Manager to enhance the project's image through events and manage finances by creating budgets and overseeing team purchases.

External Relations

Stratos V Public Relations & Marketing

As a Public Relations & Marketing Manager with Project Stratos, you'll have the opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge systems to a global audience. Your role will involve promoting team activities and achievements through social media posts, videos, and event organization. You'll capture footage, write stories, and collaborate with Partnerships managers to create impactful events and activities for the project.

Stratos V Partnerships Coordinator

As a Partnerships Manager with Project Stratos, your role will involve identifying, acquiring, and maintaining partnerships with companies to secure funding, resources, and expertise. You will oversee existing partnerships, complete agreements, and develop strategies to attract new partners.

Stratos V Event Organizer

As an Events Manager with Project Stratos, you are responsible of organizing events externally or in-house. You will plan, organize, and execute successful events to show all the progress we have made.

Stratos V Graphic Designer

As a Graphic Designer at Project Stratos, you'll transforms Stratos' designs into 3D renders and to create immersive visual representations of the rocket and its subsystems. These renders will used to showcase our progress on all our social media platforms..

Technical Positions

Stratos V Electronics & Control

As an Electronics & Control Engineer with Project Stratos, you'll develop cutting-edge embedded systems and perform tests like engine hot fires and leak and actuation tests. You'll design and assemble PCBs, microcontrollers, and improve the ground system electronics.

Stratos V Propulsion

As a Propulsion Engineer with Project Stratos, you'll develop a powerful propulsion system and conduct various tests. You'll collaborate with other departments to ensure proper actuation timing and optimal system pressure. Project Stratos is currently working on the DLX-series Etha-LOx engine, along with a flight-ready feed system and ground system quick disconnects.

Stratos V Recovery

As a Recovery Engineer with Project Stratos, you'll develop the largest student-built parachute for our fully reusable rocket. You'll conduct tests including wind tunnel tests and parachute deployment tests, and design and manufacture the main decelerator, secondary decelerator, and deployment device.

Stratos V Simulations

As a Simulations Engineer with Project Stratos, you'll develop an in-house trajectory simulations tool and utilize ANSYS and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools for the rocket's individual parts and the full vehicle. Working closely with most departments, you'll provide CFD support for tasks like fin shape validation and parachute stability.

Stratos V Structures

As a Structures Engineer with Project Stratos, you'll develop the rocket's main body, focusing on weight optimization. You'll conduct tests like hydrostatic tank pressure tests and cryogenic proofing tests. Your responsibilities include designing and manufacturing propellant and pressurant tanks and fins.