The engineering challenges posed by developing rocket systems provide a good ground to contribute to- and learn from the scientific community.  Over the years we have published many papers on several different international conferences such as the International Astronautical Congress and the Joint Propulsion Conference last year in the US.

Not much of this work would have been possible without the support from the staff of the Space Systems Engineering Department at the TU Delft. We would specifically like to thank Ir. B.T.C. Zandbergen and Dr. A. Cervone.

Hybrid Propulsion

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Solid Propulsion

H. Olthof, O. Motsyk and E. Jansen (2010). Development of a Solid Rocket Propellant To Accomplish the Goal of Reaching Space by a Student-Built Rocket. International Astronautical Congress 2010.

Liquid Propulsion

R. Hermsen and B. Zandbergen (2017). Pressurization system for a cryogenic propellant tank in a pressure-fed high-altitude rocketEUCASS 2017.

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Recovery Systems

L. Pepermans et al. (2018). Flight Simulations of the Stratos III Parachute Recovery System. International Astronautical Congress 2018. 

L. Pepermans, M. Rozemeijer, E. Menting, N. Suard and S. Khurana (2018). Systematic Design of a Parachute Recovery System for the Stratos III Student Built Sounding Rocket2018 Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference. 

Trajectory & Simulations

F. Lindemann, A. de Windt and N. Sirons (2018). Experimental Flight Data Analysis of the Stratos II+ Sounding Rocket. International Astronautical Congress 2018.