The engineering challenges posed by developing rocket systems provide a good ground to contribute to- and learn from the scientific community.  Over the years we have published many papers on several different international conferences such as the International Astronautical Congress and the Joint Propulsion Conference in the US.

Not much of this work would have been possible without the support from the staff of the Space Systems Engineering Department at the TU Delft. We would specifically like to thank Ir. B.T.C. Zandbergen and Dr. A. Cervone.

Hybrid Propulsion

  • S. Engelen, H. Olthof and L. Souverein (2008). Evaluating the Satine-T1 Hybrid Rocket Engine. International Astronautical Congress 2008.
  • S. Engelen, H. Olthof, L. Souverein and M. UItendaal (2007). Development of the Satine-T1 Hybrid Rocket Engine. International Astronautical Congress 2007. 

Solid Propulsion

  • H. Olthof, O. Motsyk and E. Jansen (2010). Development of a Solid Rocket Propellant To Accomplish the Goal of Reaching Space by a Student-Built Rocket. International Astronautical Congress 2010.

Liquid Propulsion

  • M. Mostert, B. Zandbergen and S. Engelen (2008). Preliminary Design and Development of a Moderate Thrust Liquid Oxygen/Methane Rocket Thruster. 5th International Spacecraft Propulsion Conference 2008.

Recovery Systems

  • L. Pepermans, W. Jodehl, T. Britting, T. Bosboom, E. Menting, M. S. Sujahudeen, S. Dhiyaneeswaran, S. V. Anton, M. Homola, O. Dvořak, N. Knöl (2021). Architectures for parachute testing. 2021 International Astronautical Conference.
  • E. F. Menting, J. S. Huiskes, A. Raja, S. J. Picken (2021). The Implementation of the Alginate Montmorillonite Nanocomposite Foam into Heat Shields. 2021 International Astronautical Conference.
  • E. Menting, L. Pepermans, B. Koops, R. Soliman, Evolution and Evaluation of the DARE Large Envelope Advanced Parachute System, International Conference on Flight Vehicles, Aerothermodynamics and Re-Entry Missions & Engineering (FAR) 2019

Trajectory & Simulations



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