Cryogenic Propulsion

Investigating the use of rocket engines with cryogenic propellants.

Solid Propulsion

Also known as The Solid Six, they research and develop large solid propellant engines.


Designing and developing flight software and electronics for rockets and ground systems.

Advanced Control

Investigating active stabilization of rockets.

Parachute Research

Designing and producing recovery systems for launchers.


Providing launchers for the Dutch CanSat competition.


Designing and developing several different rocket structures.

Inactive teams

Capsule and Recovery

They designed recovery systems and structures for many DARE rockets, including Stratos II/II+. They were disbanded after splitting up into the Parachute Research Group and Structures Team.


The second hybrid propulsion team in DARE. They were behind the DHX-400 ‘Nimbus’ engine used on Stratos III.


The first liquid propulsion team in DARE, mainly working with nitrous oxide bipropellant engines. They were disbanded after merging with the Cryogenic Propulsion Team.

Infinity and Beyond

They were dedicated to exploring and experimenting with alternative rocket designs.


The first team in DARE actively developing hybrid rocket engines. They were the driving team behind the DHX-200 ‘Aurora’ engine used on Stratos II/II+.