About Us

Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering (DARE) is one of the most advanced amateur rocketry clubs in the world. We are a group of ambitious students sharing an intense passion for rocket science and our dream is to reach space at 100 km altitude. Within DARE we design, build and launch rockets that serve a scientific and educational purpose. Our members challenge each other by self-initiated projects. In DARE people get the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience unique on this planet.


Our members are generally very loyal to the society and stay for multiple years; we currently consist of about 130 members. All are Bachelor and Master students who are working on degrees. Approximately 70% study Aerospace Engineering, with the remaining coming from areas such as electrical engineering and applied physics among other faculties.

Educating the next Generation

Since the kick-off in 2001, well over 100 of our rockets have crossed the skies. With these efforts we aim to inspire a new generation of engineers. To introduce fellow students to the rocketry topic they get the chance to join our Small Rocket Project (SRP). Here aspiring members form teams, get educated and build their first rocket which is, to top it all off launched at ASK ‘t Harde in the Netherlands. To reach out to an even younger generation we can fly satellites built by high school students in our CanSat rockets. Over the years we have deployed many of these can-sized satellites as part of the Dutch annual CanSat contest. In addition to this, we offer Bachelor-end-projects and graduation opportunities in cooperation with Delft University of Technology to inspire fellow students.

Large Projects

In 2009 DARE has launched the Stratos I reaching an altitude of 12.3 km. With this we set the European altitude record for student/amateur built rockets. In 2015, DARE launched Stratos II+, with which we broke our own record by going to 21.5 kilometers altitude. For Stratos III, we are focussing on finishing a record-breaking rocket within a year. If we reach this record breaking milestone we are one big step closer in realising our dream: reaching space.


DARE is a dynamic society where multiple projects happen at the same time. We are able to build, test and fly solid-, hybrid- and liquid rocket engines in a safe manner. Complex electronics are required to control the vehicles we develop. It includes work on Active Control systems that can stabilize rocket on its way up. This system makes the vehicle reach higher altitudes and reduces the distance to the landing spot.

Core Values

The DARE principles: Unique hands-on experience makes you join, the personal keeps you in, autonomy & challenge makes us thrive.

Finding us at the campus

DARE is centered around two modern and up-to-date facilities. In addition to this, it maintains active relationships with other university departments and faculties as well as outside agencies to broaden the spectrum of possibilities. You can find us on the following locations:

Korolev Lab

The KorolevLab is located at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (Nl: EWI, En: EEMCS). This is the home of the electronics team and is also the location of all meetings and academic projects.

Laika Lab

The LaikaLab is located at the Stevinhal which is a part of the Civil Engineering Faculty. This is where DARE’s manufacturing and production takes place. The lab is located adjacent to the large and well-equipped workshop shared with the other TU Delft Dreamteams.