Stratos III Failure

Last night, we launched our Stratos III rocket attempting to break the European altitude record. The procedures took all night and finally around 3:30 in the morning the rocket lifted off successfully. Then, 20 seconds into the flight the rocket disintegrated. The pieces landed in the ocean within the safety zone. Together with INTA (Instituto […]

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Launch T-1 Day

Pressure is rising with only 24 hours to go before the first launch attempt. Today we checked out all our electronic systems for interference by means of an electromagnetic compatibility test. This in simple terms is just turning all your transmitting and receiving systems on and verifying if they all still work. Other than checking […]

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Launch T-2 Days (Hold Day 3)

Today, exactly 49 years after the historic moon landing of Apollo 11, we successfully performed our first full dress rehearsal in Spain together with INTA. Early in the morning, we placed the rocket on the cart and transported it to the pad. Our photographer Jurriaan Brobbel made an amazing group picture of us, the INTA […]

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