Installation Members of Merit

The society Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering could not exist without her active members. Yesterday, on the General Members Assembly, we officially recognized Maneesh Kumar Verma and Tobias Knop as our Members of Merit.

Tobias and the 18th Executive Board.

Tobias has been honoured with this distinction for his contributions to the hybrid rocket engine development in DARE. As Team Leader of the Stratos II propulsion team he contributed to some of the largest hybrid rocket engines developed by students in the world. Specifically noted are his work as Safety Officer and contributions to several publications, based on research at DARE. Tobias has devoted significant time helping later Stratos projects with operational support and by sharing his extensive knowledge in the field of hybrid rocketry.

Maneesh and the 18th Executive Board.

Maneesh has been a long-time member of the society who, as President of the 14th Executive Board, member of the Supervisory Board and Launch Day Committee, had a great impact on the way the society is structured today. Specifically noted are his contributions to the Stratos II+ project, Aether project and his function as Team Leader of the Structures Department. Maneesh has always offered members of the society with problems a friendly hand and helped them grow within the society.


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We are recruiting

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