Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering

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Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering

Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering is one of the largest and most advanced student rocketry teams of the world. With over 18 years of experience in high-power rocketry, our goal is to reach space with a fully student-built rocket. As a Dreamteam of Delft University of Technology, we aim at providing students with a hands-on experience that is unique in this world. Next to our Stratos and Aether flagship projects, the society also conducts fundamental research in all fields of sounding rocketry, such as propulsion, recovery, control, structural design and recovery.




Aiming for Space 

Above the Kármán line, above 100 kilometers altitude, where no student team has gone before! Designed, built, and tested by students, Stratos IV will democratize space, launching scientific payloads to over 100 km in 2019.


Research Areas

From deeply frozen liquid oxygen, to multistage launcher design, to advanced stabilization of rockets. Our research and development projects forcus on the developments of new technologies for usage in the rockets of tomorrow!

Supersonic Research

Aether, our medium-class launcher, reaches supersonic speeds at low altitudes. It features the largest solid motor ever developed by DARE, as well as an active stabilization mechanism to follow the optimal trajectory to succes!



Persbericht: CanSat Lanceerdagen Maart 2019

Op 29 maart, hebben studenten van de Technische Universiteit in Delft twee zelfgebouwde raketten gelanceerd, de CanSat V7, voor de Nederlandse CanSat competitie. De voertuigen zijn gelanceerd vanuit ASK ‘t[…]

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Multistage Rocketry

Launching in May of this year will be the DAREdevil rocket, a new project aimed at developing and flight-testing technologies for future Stratos missions. The first iteration of the rocket,[…]

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MSc Thesis on KNO3-Sugar propellants

For his Master of Science (MSc) Thesis of Delft University of Technology, on of our senior members Martin Olde conducted research on KNO3-sugar based propellants. These propellants, also known as[…]

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