Our Partners

Our Partners

As a team based within the Delft University of Technology, DARE has a significant presence amongst future engineers and industry experts. With members from aerospace, mechanical, civil, electrical engineering, and more DARE is a diverse society. On top of their degrees, DARE members spend their free time working on complex research and development projects in multidisciplinary teams. DARE’s connection to students can effectively promote the recruitment of future talent for companies in a wide range of fields. DARE’s connections throughout the industry also make it an efficient platform to expand your network among the industry giants and the new, upcoming start-ups.

Every year, our rockets become larger, more complex, and full of new innovations. However, as a non-proft, this would be impossible without the continued support from our educational and industry partners, who are critical in enabling DARE to aim higher every year. Looking into the future, we plan on aiming higher and going farther than any student team has before. We plan on redefining what is thought possible for students like us and setting the example of what our generation can achieve.

Partnering with us is an excellent opportunity to show your passion for engineering, your commitment and dedication to research and development, your support to educational projects, and last but not least, to test and improve your technical innovations!