DARE designs and fabricates its own electronics packages for use in DARE rockets. These electronics package may range from fairly simple timer based designs for use in small rockets, to full flight computer designs for use in rockets like Stratos IV. One of the primary functions of the electronics in any rocket is the timely deployment of the recovery system. In a case a parachute needs to be deployed, it’s in most cases beneficial to deploy the parachute at apogee. For more complex rockets the electronics may also be tasked with igniting a second stage or recording data from accelerometers and GPS receivers. The record-setting Stratos II+ rocket also had a real time telemetry unit on board, relaying the position of the payload capsule for recovery.

Our Contributions

The electronics team creates the electronics for all projects within DARE. Below are some of the systems the electronics team has designed.

Project Aether

The Electronics Team worked on the design and development of flight electronics and software for Project Aether.

The electronics stack that is located in the nose cone of the Aether rocket consists of layers of boards dedicated to their own tasks, containing the following elements:

  1. Attachment Plate and battery holder (not shown)
  2. Power supply board
  3. Main processor board, including ACT software
  4. Actuation board for actuators
  5. Sensor board
  6. Telemetry board

The Aether electronics stack, consisting of 5 Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

Stratos II Electronics