Solid Six single grain test: DXS Asimov

The first test of the Solid Six under the banner of the Aether project was the single grain motor test on Friday, the 18th of March at 14:22. The Solid Six team succeeded in organizing and performing its first solid grain test and gained valuable data!

The design which has been tested is a derivative of the Leonidas 5 single grain motor (L5SGM), which has already been proven to be reliable by the previous Solid Six team (2014/2015).

In essence, this test was primarily educational as it involves a group of new, determined members which needed some hands-on experience on building a solid rocket motor, before proceeding to design and manufacture a bigger and more optimized solid rocket motor, the DXS Asimov.

Solid six group photo

Consequently in the future you will see more of these single grain motor tests (SGM-tests) to study and improve the efficiency of our motor and its burn parameters. Thereupon, sometime in summer we will upscale the SGM to its 7 to 9 grain equivalent (around a two meter long engine!), which will eventually be assembled in the Aether launcher in the winter of 2016/2017!

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We are recruiting

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