Stratos II Actuation Test

On Sunday the 7th of September the Stratos II launch crew conducted a test of the entire actuation system of the Stratos II rocket. This ran through the important systems demonstrating that it can handle the oxidizer as expected.  The test involved filling the rocket with the same equipment as it will be in Spain, and rehearsing and optimising the required procedure.

The actuator test in progress. Nitrous Oxide vapour is visible.

The actuator test in progress. Nitrous oxide vapour is visible.

The tests commenced around 11:45 with a run-through to ensure that all necessary valves, sensors and controls were working as intended. At around 12:00, the filling of the tank with nitrous oxide commenced continuing up to a pressure of 57 bar. After that the tank was filled and the umbilical disconnect was tested, which successfully disconnected the filling hose from the flight tank. Testing was concluded without any anomalies.


Stratos II member Jeroen van Straten commented on the test:

“We are very pleased with the outcome of today’s dry run. It proved that all our equipment worked as intended, and is yet another hurdle down towards Spain.”

The next Stratos II event is scheduled for Monday when the second dress rehearsal will take place.

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