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Producing the Modular Electronics

Electronics design within DARE used to be done by designing and implementing electronics focused on the specific hardware needs for each of our projects. We found this to be an inefficient and error-prone way of providing the necessary electronics for each of DARE’s projects. An alternative to this project-specific way of working was presented last…
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Project Aether kickoff: The launch site is set!

After the launch of Stratos II+, several members of DARE were looking into the possibility of designing and building a rocket that could be used as a technology demonstrator for future project Stratos missions. The project was created and called project Aether. With the holidays around the corner, the team behind the project is working…
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DARE’s first actively stabilized launch

In the first weekend of April 2016, DARE will write history when they will launch the first actively stabilized rocket of the society. The Advanced Control Team (ACT) started in September 2013 during the the minor 2013/14, requested by DARE, when 12 engineering students modified an existing DARE rocket and equipped it with a Stability…
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