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The People of DARE – Chief Electronics Stratos IV (Part 1)

In this blog we would like to focus on the people within our society, getting their hands dirty on actual rocket science. Today we introduce Simon Verkleij! Hi, my name is Simon Verkleij and I am the Chief Electronics of Stratos IV. To make the electronics systems in the rocket and on the ground, we…
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Stratos III versus the ‘big boys’. How does it compare?

As you all know, our Stratos III rocket was launched this summer to break the European altitude record for students. Unfortunately the flight ended prematurely at an altitude of around ten kilometers. In this blogpost I would like to take a closer look at the Stratos III rocket and see how it compares to the…
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How to Ignite a Rocket Engine?

Just like your car, a rocket needs a way to get its engine started and for project Stratos we made our own ignition system! A successful igniter must be small enough to fit inside the rocket engine, energetic enough to ensure a reliable start and without any components that could damage the rest of the…
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