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A safe descent: The Stratos III recovery system

When flying to high altitudes one needs a recovery system that can handle these altitudes and corresponding velocities. Not only does this system need to be able to withstand the high loads of the recovery, it also has to withstand the high dynamic pressures and temperatures.

Happy rocket-versary: One year ago, we launched Stratos II+!

Exactly one year ago, on the 16th October 2015 at 16:32:48 CEST Stratos II+ left the launch tower aiming to break the European student altitude record. After a flight time of 76 seconds the rocket reached an apogee of 21,457 meters, an altitude almost twice as high as the record breaking Stratos I rocket. After…
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Stratos III: Composite Tank Prototype

One of the key technologies for the upcoming Stratos III launch in summer 2017 will be the lightweight design of the rocket. In order to do this, a composite tank needs to be developed. In cooperation with ALE Delft, Airborne, TU Delft and Nieuwstraten Metaalbewerking the first prototype is being developed.