Stratos IV

The Project
Project Stratos is the flagship project of Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering (DARE). The first Stratos rocket was launched from Kiruna, Sweden in 2009. This two-staged, solid propellant rocket reached an altitude of 12.3km, which at the time set the European altitude record for student rocketry. Stratos II, the successor of Stratos I, was meant to fly even higher than that, but unfortunately did not lift off due to a misfire of the engine. This lead to a redesign of the rocket that was designated Stratos II+. Stratos II+ was launched in October 2015, from an INTA facility near Huelva, Spain and flew to an altitude of 21.5km breaking our own record set by Stratos I.

Recently the record was broken by the Hybrid Engine Development from Stuttgart, Germany, setting it to 32.3km. Consequently, DARE decided to combine the knowledge that was gained during the Stratos I and Stratos II projects to develop Stratos III, which was be designed to go well beyond that boundary and improve the European student altitude record. The rocket was launched on the 26th of July 2018 from INTA in Spain. 20 seconds into flight it encountered an anomaly and the vehicle disintegrated. The Stratos III team worked incredibly hard over the past two years and while we were of course disappointed by the failure of the launch, the Stratos IV team recognizes the potential of the Stratos III design. The ultimate goal of Project Stratos is to be the first student team to reach space, and after much thought and careful consideration, we have decided that the best way to achieve this goal is to improve upon the Stratos III design for Stratos IV. The investigation of the in-flight anomaly is already underway, and the conclusions from this will greatly influence the design of the Stratos IV rocket. While the Stratos III rocket was a great leap forward for DARE, there are many areas that we can improve upon and innovations we can make.

Stratos IV will be a rocket designed, built, and launched to space by students before the end of 2019.

This is most certainly an ambitious goal, however we know that we have a design and a team capable of achieving this. As we embark on this mission we will make sure to keep the enthusiastic and interested public informed and educated about the different aspects of the Stratos IV project.

Stratos IV is sponsored by various academic partners and companies from many different sectors who have an interest in highly skilled, independently working and ambitious engineering graduates. These attributes can be found in our team members and often graduates chose to work at a sponsoring company after finishing their studies.

The partnership agreements are very versatile: Examples include simply providing materials in kind, support in engineering processes and financial support.

In return, we offer exposure of the sponsor on our website, test and launch videos and social media, official team clothing and even on the rocket itself! Other forms of partnerships are of course also possible.

If your company is interested in joining our adventure to space, feel free to contact us here. Together we can make this amazing dream come true!

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