At the end of the summer of 2015, the Advanced Control Team (ACT), the Structures & Recovery Team, the Solids Team and the Electronics team combined their visions to integrate their individual capabilities in a joint project. The objective is to:

Develop a supersonic technology demonstrator for future DARE space flight, with multiple DARE sub-teams, including active stabilization and high speed recovery.

Intended as a stepping stone technology demonstrator for future DARE space flight, project Aether aims to test a supersonic rocket that will showcase active aerodynamic stabilization through the use of steerable wings, and deploy a new high speed recovery concept by ejecting a drogue chute via a high pressure cold-gas mortar. To make these technologies ready in time, Aether will be powered by the biggest solid rocket engine ever developed by DARE, the Asimov engine.

The Teams

The success of project Aether is guaranteed by the cooperation of following teams, who joined their visions in developing new rocket technologies within DARE:

  1. Advanced Control Team
  2. Structures Team
  3. Recovery Team
  4. Solid Propulsion Team
  5. Electronics Team

See how they integrated their subsystems into the Aether launcher here.

Launch Campaign

The launch of project Aether is postponed until after the Stratos III launch. Several strong partnerships within the TU Delft and Dutch industry will make sure that we achieve supersonic flight with this test vehicle, which will set DARE on the final path towards space.