At the end of the summer of 2015, the Advanced Control Team (ACT), the Structures Team, the Parachute Research Group, the Solid Propulsion Team, and the Electronics Team combined their visions to integrate their individual capabilities in a joint project. The objective was to:


Develop a supersonic technology demonstrator for future DARE space flight, with multiple DARE sub-teams, including active stabilization and high speed recovery.

Intended as a stepping stone technology demonstrator for future DARE space flight, project Aether aims to test a supersonic rocket that will showcase active aerodynamic stabilization through the use of steerable wings, and deploy a new high speed recovery concept by ejecting a drogue chute via a high pressure cold-gas mortar. To make these technologies ready in time, Aether will be powered by the biggest solid rocket engine ever developed by DARE, the Asimov engine.


New Technologies

As DARE’s technology demonstrator, Aether brings many new innovations together.

  • Modular rocket design
  • Modular flight electronics
  • Supersonic active stabilization system
  • High-speed parachute deployment system
  • Attitude determination system
  • DARE’s largest solid rocket motor
  • Lightweight composite structure

All sections are connected via a modular coupling system, allowing for watertight sealing and easy assembly during the launch praparations.