The Supersonic Parachute Experiment Aboard REXUS (SPEAR) is a mission flying onboard the REXUS 28 sounding rocket as part of the 12th cycle of the REXUS/BEXUS program. The goal of the mission is to flight test the Stratos III and Stratos IV drogue Hemisflo drogue parachute at supersonic conditions.

Technical Overview

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For multiple DARE flagship projects such as Aether, Stratos III and Stratos IV the recovery system makes use of a Hemisflo ribbon drogue parachute. This parachute is selected for its high supersonic capabilities, up to Mach 3.

Within the Parachute Research Group (PRG) multiple tests are performed on all recovery systems to see if hardware complies with all requirements of a project. When looking at a parachute deployment and flight, the two most critical items are the dynamic pressure and the superso