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Solid propulsion group update

By Hein Olthof, Team leader solid propulsion group.     After a period of silence, the solid propulsion group started a new testing period. The goal was to further refine the propellant composition ALAN-7, and to characterize it. Three types of tests were performed: atmospheric burn tests, pressurized burn tests and shear strength tests. For…
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Successful launch of concept launcher!

Today at 14:22, Stratos II was brought one step closer to its goal of 50km when the latest test rocket, the Stratos concept launcher, left the launcher tower at ASK ‘t Harde and flew to an altitude of 1 km. The separation of the nosecone occurred near apogee and roughly four seconds later, the parachute…
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Concept Launcher ready for launch

  As mentioned a few months ago we will launch a concept version of the Stratos II rocket. This Concept Launcher will only contain the upper part of the Stratos II rocket, being the nose cone and adjacent payload section. It will be propelled by the booster motor that powered Stratos I. With this launch…
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Succesful hybrid engine ignition

History was made on of Friday the 25th of March and a new era begun for DARE as the DAWN hybrid propulsion team made the first successful ignition of a hybrid engine within the student society. It also marks a great step forward in the development of the hybrid motor for Project Stratos II, DARE’s…
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Lecture: Student to Space

On the 17th of March we broke the European altitude record for sounding rockets. Today we are still record holders. To celebrate the second anniversary of this event we will organize a lecture on the 17th of March about Stratos I and how we intend to secure our position as lead rocket building society with…
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Launch of the concept launcher postponed

Unfortunately the NERO who invited us to launch our rocket on their launch day had to cancel this day. Therefore we have to postpone the launch of the concept launcher. The next opportunity is during NLD 33 of the NAVRO in the spring of 2011. However this gives us the opportunity to perform the already…
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Concept Launcher finished

The last couple of weeks, production on the ‘Concept Launcher‘ has finished. The Concept Launcher is developed as an operational test vehicle for the Stratos II Capsule. It will enable in-flight tests of different critical subsystems, like the ‘clamp-band’ separation system, the innovative recovery system and the complex flight computer. The Concept launcher will improve our knowledge of the capsule and…
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New Stratos II animation

The new Stratos II animation is finished. Look under the tab Stratos II for the whole movie.

Stratos II project Kick-off

Interested? Want to join the project? Come visit us during the lunch on Tuesday the 8th of June, in the entrance hall of the EWI building.

Stratos II is recruiting

To make this project a success we are looking for people to enrich our team. If you think you are an asset for the team do not hesitate to send a short motivation letter and CV to